Subgraph Data (GraphQL)

The Graph and GraphQL

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, starting with Ethereum. What that means: it is an easier way to retrieve specific data from the blockchain, within the ethos of web3, with the advantages of decentralization and reliability.

GraphQL is the underlying query language utilized in The Graph. What is the difference between standard RESTFUL API calls and GraphQL calls? The difference is that traditional APIs require the developers to create specific endpoints for users that return specific data. If the user requires more information, they may need to make multiple API calls, sometimes hundreds of API calls, to get the information they require. With The Graph (which uses GraphQL), only one call is needed to a subgraph, as long as the developer has created a flexible schema.

For more information on The Graph and the underlying GraphQL, see this GraphQL primer.

If you are consuming GraphQL data in your app, we'd recommend using a fully featured package such as Apollo or a minimal implementation such as GraphQL-Request.

Bend's Subgraphs

To view the source of our subgraphs, see our GitHub repo.

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