bendTokens(etc bendETH) are interest-bearing tokens that are minted and burned upon deposit and withdraw. The bendTokens' value is pegged to the value of the corresponding deposited asset at a 1:1 ratio, and can be safely stored, transferred or traded. All interest collected by the bendTokens reserves are distributed to bendTokens holders directly by continuously increasing their wallet balance.

For all minting and burning actions, see Deposit() and Withdraw() methods in the LendPool contract.

ERC20 Methods

All standard ERC20 methods are implemented, such as balanceOf(), transfer(), transferFrom(), approve(), totalSupply(), etc.

balanceOf() will always return the most up to date balance of the user, which includes their principal balance + the interest generated by the principal balance.



Returns the address of the underlying asset of this bToken.


Returns the address of the Bend treasury, receiving the fees on this bToken.


Returns the address of the lend pool where this bToken is used.


Returns the principal debt balance of user.


Returns the scaled total supply of the variable debt token.


Returns the principal balance of the user and principal total supply.

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