Introducing BendDAO

BendDAO is the first NFT liquidity protocol supporting instant NFT-backed loans, Collateral Listing, and NFT Down Payment. The seamless experience of down payment, borrowing, and listing creates a perfect closed loop for users, a one-stop NFT liquidity solution.

NFT Liquidity

This is how bluechip NFT holders are able to get the best liquidity on BendDAO.

Instant NFT-backed Loan

BendDAO is the first decentralized peer-to-pool based NFT liquidity protocol. NFT holders are able to borrow ETH through the lending pool using NFTs as collateral instantly, while depositors provide ETH liquidity to earn interest. The leveraged NFT trading is built on instant NFT-backed loans.

Collateral Listing

NFT holders/sellers can choose to instantly get up to 40% of the floor value of the listing before it even sells. The instant liquidity is actually provided by the instant NFT-backed loan. The buyer will pay off the loan including interests after the deal.

Existing borrowers can list the collateral directly on the BendDAO. The balance after deducting debt with interests will be transferred to the borrower (seller) after the deal.

Buy with Down Payment

The buyer may pay a minimum down payment of 60%, depending on the actual price, to buy a bluechip NFT from major NFT marketplaces while initiating a flash loan from AAVE to cover the remainder. The borrowed amount of the flash loan will be repaid through the instant NFT-backed loan on BendDAO.

The buyers will automatically become borrowers with the down payment. And borrowers can list their mortgaged NFT for sale as well.

For NFT Communities

A 24-hour liquidation protection

In order to avoid losses caused by the market fluctuations, the borrower will have a 24-hour liquidation protection period to repay the loan.

Same airdrop right for borrowers

Borrowers will be eligible for all related NFT holder airdrops. BendDAO will collect and distribute the airdrops to boundNFT holders when their NFTs are in the collateral pool. Furthermore, borrowers can claim NFT rewards on other protocols while having NFTs still in a collateral pool with the Flashloan feature.

Never be stolen

NFTs will be converted into representing ERC721 boundNFTs through instant NFT loans. boundNFT is untransferable avoiding the risk of theft. On the other side, boundNFT has the same digital self-expression which can be used on Web2 social media platforms that support the NFT avatar.

*The liquidation protection is adjusted to 24 hours based on BIP#9 & BIP#10. Updated as of August 30th, 2022.

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