Otherdeeds with KODA FAQ

The Otherdeeds with KODA are not supported as collateral since the KODA is decoupled.


Q: I take a loan against the Otherdeeds with KODA, can I flash claim to decouple?

A: Sorry, users have to pay off the loan first to join the decoupling as suggested by the Otherside official tweet that “NOT INTERACT DIRECTLY WITH THE CONTRACT”.

Q: Can I use my decoupled KODA as collateral to borrow instant ETH on BendDAO?

A: Yes.


  • LTV / Collateral Ratio: 30%

  • Liquidation Threshold: 80%

  • Auction & Redeem Duration: 24 hours

  • Redeem Fine: maximum (5% of the debt, 0.2 ETH)

  • Redeem Threshold: 50%

Q: Since BendDAO supports KODA, can I buy a KODA with down payments?


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