Governance Mechanism


Phase 1: Idea or Draft

Anyone can participate in Forum or Discord, and vote on improvements.
Key points
  • Mainly for comments collection and feasibility discussion;
  • No requirement for the identification of specific adjustment parameters.

1.1. Rules

Discussion period: 3 - 7 days
Min. number of supports: 10

1.2. Status

Active: It is under discussion
Completed: It is moved to the next phase.
Not Pass: It is closed because of insufficient community support.

Phases 2: BIP

The BendDAO Improvement Proposal (BIP) is the second step in the BendDAO governance process where a BIP can be created after the BRC has passed.
BIP Key points
  • The BIP needs to identify specific implementation parameters or options

2.1. Submitting a BIP

When submitting a BIP in the Governance Forum, please refer to the template.

2.2. Maintaining the BIP

During the BIP discussion period, the creator needs to
  • Collect different parameters or scenarios and update them in the BIP
  • Create polling options for different parameters or scenarios

2.3. BIP rules

Duration: 3 - 7 days
Min. number of voters: 10

2.4. BIP Status

Active: The BIP is under discussion
Implemented: The BIP is implemented.
Not Pass: The BIP is closed because of insufficient community support.

Phase 3. On-chain Voting

The parameters or solutions defined in the BIP will be finally decided by Snapshot voting.
NFT Collateral
Protocol Parameter
Protocol Core Code Change
DAO Treasury (Details)
Voting Duration
3 days
3 days
7 days
7 days
Vote Quorum
20% of veBEND total supply
10% of veBEND total supply
20% of veBEND total supply
10% or 20% of veBEND total supply
Pass Rate
From 80%

Phase 4. Implementation

For Accepted BIPs, implementation will begin based on the steps outlined in the proposal.


For emergencies, the BendDAO dev team has the right to go through Phase 2 directly.
BendDAO governance keeps moving forward to decentralization. Now community members can not only create BRCs and BIPs but also on-chain voting. BendDAO is in the hands of the community and veBEND holders' votes decide the future development of BendDAO.