Instant Lending and Repayments

Borrow and repay ETH anytime

Borrow and repay ETH anytime

Instant NFT-collateralized loans bring instant liquidity for blue-chip NFT holders. NFT holders can borrow and repay ETH anytime.

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A trustless liquidity solution for NFT holders. Deposit your NFT as collateral for you to be able to borrow Ethereum. Deposited NFTs will be put into an NFT pool and converted into boundNFTs.

Which NFTs can be used as collaterals?

Bored Ape YC, CryptoPunks, Mutant Ape YC, Moonbirds, Azuki, Clone X, Doodles, and Otherdeeds with KODA are supported as collateral now.

MAYC, Azuki, CloneX and Doodles are selected by BEND stakers. Details of the Community Voting:

Moonbirds (Reference: BIP#12)

Otherdeeds with KODA (Reference: BIP#20)

NFT Price Discovery

NFT floor prices are calculated using a complicated algorithm. The original price data comes from a well-known NFT marketplace which is OpenSea.

  • The Bend team currently maintains the NFT price oracle.

  • In the future, Bend governance mechanisms will manage the selection of sources.

What's the Collateral Ratio?

Collateral Ratio is the ratio of maximum borrowable ETH amount to the NFT floor price.

NameCollateral Ratio



Bored Ape YC


Mutant Ape YC






More details

BIP#15; BIP#15-1

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