Royalties on secondary sales (Creator)

Every time an item is sold on BendDAO, the project creator can take a percentage of the sale as revenue. This means that you can not only earn money from selling your initial set of items to users, but you can continue to earn as the NFT marketplace heats up.

To set your secondary sale fee, simply go to your collection management and adjust the "Percentage fee" field under the Royalty section. And specify the payout address where you wish to receive the fees.

Royalties are charged to the seller. When a seller is take part in a NFT marketplace, you can also earn money with a seller fee.

For example, Creator A gets a collection and sets a 2.5% royalty for that collection. When orders are created, we include those fees into the order = adding 4.5% on top. That means a 2% trading fee for BendDAO, and another 2.5% royalty for the collection creator.

When the payment address has been specified, royalties will be distributed in realtime once an order is matched successfully.

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