2. How to repay

There is no loan due date on BendDAO. You can repay any amount to keep your loan Health Factor above 1 to avoid getting liquidated by auction. You still have 24 hours (24h liquidation protection) to redeem your collateralized NFT during the auction.

2.1. Go to the My NFTs page

2.2. Select the NFT to be repaid

2.3. Approve ETH

2.4. Repay

2.1. Go to the My NFTs page

Go to Home > Dashboard > My NFTs page.

View collateralized NFTs

  • Total borrowed: The sum of each borrowed amount

  • Total repaid: The sum of each repayment amount

  • Total interest: The sum of the interest paid on each loan + the current interest to be paid

  • Total debt: The sum of current debt, borrowed + interest.

2.2. Select the NFT to be repaid

Click the “Repay” on the NFT to be repaid to start repayment. “Repay loans” is batch repayment.

  • Available to borrow: The amount of ETH that can continue to be borrowed. If the floor price rises, users will be able to borrow more ETH.

2.3. Approve ETH

2.4. Repay

Borrowers can repay any amount which will raise the Loan Health Factor.

  • Repay a part of your loan: Increase health factor to reduce liquidation risk

  • Full repayment: You will redeem your NFT.

  • Your debt: Current outstanding loan

  • Remaining debt: If you choose to repay a part of the loan, the debt balance after repayment

  • Collateral ratio: Current NFT's collateral ratio

  • Liquidation price: The current liquidation price of NFT

  • The new health factor: If you choose partial repayment, the health value will be adjusted according to the repayment amount.

Click the “Repay” and you can complete the repayment.

By the Community Contributor @defiandnft

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