5. Flash Claim

5.1. Go to the FlashClaim page

Open https://www.benddao.xyz/flash-claim or “Home-Dashboard-Overview” and click the “Claim your airdrop” to enter the FlashClaim page.

5.2. Deploy Airdrop Receiver Contract

Before receiving the airdrop, you need to deploy the Airdrop Receiver Contract, click the “Deploy Airdrop Receiver Contract” button to deploy the contract. Once the Airdrop Receiver Contract is deployed, your address can Flash Claim all related airdrops.

5.3. Claiming airdrop

After deploying the contract, if there is an airdrop activity in the NFT project, you can select the corresponding NFT and claim the airdrop.

Blue Chip NFT project parties with airdrop events need to be the first to tell the team to support them in a timely manner.

For questions related to airdrops, you can visithttps://docs.benddao.xyz/portal/faq/flash-claim-faq for more information.

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