Deposit/Borrow Rewards

To encourage lenders and borrowers to provide liquidity to lend pool, 40% of all BEND tokens are to be distributed through lend/borrow incentives, the Lend/Borrow Incentive ratio is 1:3.

Please check the detail here.

Earn Protocol Income

All Protocol Incomes collected from lending and trading on BendDAO are distributed to eligible BEND stakers (veBEND holders) every 24 hours.

  • The release is done in a linear format over another 24 hours.

  • User can choose WETH or ETH when claiming rewards.

  • Rewards do not expire so you could claim them at any time you want.

Where does the protocol income come from?

  • Interest (30% in default) collected from the borrower interest.

  • Trading fees (2% in default) collected from the seller.

  • Down payment fees (1% in default) collection from the buyer.

How is Protocol Income Reward Calculated

The calculation of protocol income distribution every day takes the cases below into account:

Total BEND tokens staked in veBEND contract;

User Locked BEND tokens in veBEND contract.

Please check the detail here.

Liquidity Mining Rewards

Among 3% share of BEND total supply dedicated to Liquidity Mining, it will be used to provide LP mining rewards.

Please check the detail here.

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