Verify roles in Discord

This is a guide for how to get the verified role in the bluechip official Discord if it uses Collab.Land as the verification tool.

  1. Finish the delegation through BendDAO

  2. Verify the role in the official Discord

Before you verify the role, you need to finish the delegation through BendDAO.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Click “Delegate NFT”

After the successful delegation, the status of your collateralized NFT will be “Delegated”.

After Delegation

After delegation, go to Discord for the role verification. Here, we would like to take BAYC Discord as an example.

Step 1:

Find the “Collabland-join” channel and click “ Let’s go”

Step 2:

Click “Connect Wallet” and a new page will pop up.

Step 3:

Choose “Delegate Cash”

Step 4:

Choose “Metamask” or “WalletConnect” (Please make sure that you connect the wallet that has been delegated on BendDAO or

Step 5:

Click “Sign Message”

Step 6:

Choose the wallet address you want to verify with.

Step 7:

Now go back to the Discord server and you will see your new awesome roles.

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