The BendinDAO roadmap is a summary of Bend protocol development and ecosystem building, which has been organized into some seasons. Each season is centered around a set of proposals that will be discussed, voted and implemented across community governance.

While the seasons of Bend will be delivered sequentially, the work for each season happens in parallel, with research, prototyping, and development often in progress all at once across the different development streams.

The work of each season is gathered and presented in its dedicated section, representing months of effort. Here you will find an overview of the goals of the season, as well as descriptions of the core features.

2021 Q4

  • Conception Creation✅

  • Team Construction✅

  • Product Prototype✅

  • Testnet Launch✅

2022 Q1

  • BEND Token Airdrop✅

  • Fair Launch IFO✅

  • Security Audit✅

  • Mainnet Launch✅

  • DAO Governance & Voting✅

  • More Bluechip NFTs Online Proposals✅

2022 Q2

  • DAO Governance Improvement Proposals✅

  • Ecosystem Building Proposals✅

  • Down Payment Buy NFT Proposals✅

  • Bluechip NFT Leverage Trading Platform✅

2022 Q3

  • Support Offer in Exchange Protocol✅

  • Providing Open API for Exchange Protocol✅

  • Support Moonbirds Proposals✅

  • Integrating Ecosystem Projects✅

2022 Q4

  • ApeCoin Staking & Pairing Proposals✅

2023 Q1

  • ApeCoin Auto-Compound Pool Propososals✅

  • Wrapper Koda for Otherdeed LAND Proposals✅

2023 Q2

  • Listing New Koda Proposals✅

  • ApeStaking V2 Proposals🛠️✅

  • Listing Stable Coins Proposals✅

2023 Q3

  • V2 Product Conception✅

2023 Q4

  • V2 Pool Lending Prototype✅

  • V2 Pool Staking Prototype✅

2024 Q1

  • Listing Pudgy Penguins Proposals✅

  • Listing wBTC Proposals🛠️

  • Listing wstETH Proposals🛠️

  • Launch BRC20 IDO🛠️

  • Bitcoin NFT & BRC20 Bridging Proposals🛠️

  • V2 P2P Lending Prototype🛠️

  • V2 Product Testnet Launch🛠️

2024 Q2

  • Listing Bitcoin NFT Proposals

  • Listing BRC20 Proposals

  • V2 Product Mainnet Launch🛠

  • V2 Token Economics Proposals🛠

2024 Q3

  • On-Chain Governance Proposals🛠

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